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We believe NutriSystem is one of the leading and most-efficient.Some of our competitors are significantly larger than we are and have substantially greater resources.If we do not continue to receive referrals from existing customers, our customer acquisition cost may increase.In 2008, sales of our products through our relationship with the QVC Shopping Network accounted for 6% of our revenue.Currently, a significant number of our customers authorize us to bill their credit cards directly for all fees charged.The Company believes that the claims are without merit and intends to defend the litigation vigorously.The 1999 Equity Incentive Plan, the 2000 Equity Incentive Plan and the 2008 Long-Term Incentive Plan authorize up to 1,000,000, 5,600,000 and 2,700,000 shares of common stock, respectively, for issuance.

The Glycemic Index is a measure of the quality of carbohydrates in foods.Nutrisystem, Inc.,. Nutrisystem Announces First Quarter 2017 Financial Results, Exceeding Expectations. including the annual report on Form 10-K,.When our customers place an order or access their account information, we use a secure server (SSL) to transfer information.Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary.Find the best Nutrisystem promo codes, coupons, deals and discounts for September 2017.UNITED STATES SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION Washington, D.C. 20549 FORM 10-K (Mark One).

We may experience fluctuations in our operating results which may cause our stock price to be volatile.

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QVC has the exclusive right in the United States, its possessions and territories, the United Kingdom and Germany to promote.Bulletin Board under the ticker symbol THIN.OB., the American Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol NSI and now trades on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the ticker symbol NTRI.We may be subject to health-related claims from our customers.

Direct-mail advertising costs are capitalized if the primary purpose was to.A blog documenting my daily journey trying to lose weight on the Nutrisystem. managed to get over 10k steps in.Risks Related to Our Industry Changes in consumer preferences could negatively impact our operating results.

Income Taxes Deferred tax assets and liabilities are recognized for the future tax consequences attributable to differences between the.Sales and Counseling A majority of our direct business sales occur on our website.We intend to capitalize on the following competitive strengths.Awards issued to employees generally vest over terms ranging from three to five years.News and We typically compensate our spokespersons based on their initial weight loss on our program and maintenance of the weight loss over time.In January 2006, we initiated advertising programs directed toward men.

Seasonality Typically in the weight loss industry, revenue is strongest in the first quarter and lowest in the fourth calendar quarter.In addition, our prepared meals provide our customers with a structured program in which they do not.

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Some of our counselors for our weight management program do not have extensive training or certification in nutrition, diet or health fields and have only undergone the training they receive from us.Competition The weight loss industry is very competitive and consists of pharmaceutical products and weight loss programs, as well as a wide variety of diet foods and meal replacement bars and shakes, appetite suppressants and.If these spokespersons suffer adverse publicity, our revenue could be adversely affected.We estimate the annual effective income tax rate at the beginning of each year and revise the estimate at.

I have tried and recently tried again Nutrisystem which is very affordable but the food is just.Sales agents are responsible for in-bound sales calls and will initiate out-bound sales calls to our leads and other targeted potential customers.EQUITY INSTRUMENTS Equity Incentive Plans The Company has three equity incentive plans: the 1999 Equity Incentive Plan, the 2000 Equity Incentive Plan and the 2008 Long-Term Incentive Plan (collectively, the.Based on our customer surveys, we believe our typical customers tend to stay on our program for 10 to 11 weeks (including the one.Because of the success that I have had with Nutrisystem they have allowed me to.The entire business is managed by a single management team that reports to the chief executive officer.Competition is intense in the weight management industry and we must remain competitive in the areas of program efficacy, price, taste.

In August 2006, we announced that our Board of Directors authorized.SUBMISSION OF MATTERS TO A VOTE OF SECURITY HOLDERS None submitted.NutriSystem Inc (NTRI) SEC Filings - Get realtime SEC filings forNutriSystem Inc and all the companies you research at January 2008, we expanded operations into Canada and expect to enter Japan, through a partner, by the.We believe that the principal competitive factors in the weight loss market are.

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The parties have reached an agreement to stay this matter pending the disposition of the anticipated motion to dismiss the federal securities putative class action.

CHANGES IN AND DISAGREEMENTS WITH ACCOUNTANTS ON ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE None.In the face of increased food costs and margin pressure, we undertook a complete review of our entire.We do not charge customers for shipping and handling on Auto-Delivery food orders provided customers take receipt of their second order.Unfavorable changes in general economic conditions, such as a recession or.

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Marketing Expense Marketing expense includes media, advertising production, marketing and promotional expenses and payroll-related expenses for personnel engaged in these activities.We are continuing to see a challenging economic environment in 2009.

Other expense primarily represents the realized gains and losses from currency.Company names, products, services and branding cited herein may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.Financial results could be adversely affected by changes in foreign currency rates, changes in worldwide economic conditions.In the early 1990s, our predecessor businesses were subject to extremely.Marketing Marketing is a core competency that drives sales and builds the NutriSystem brand.In addition, in 2008, 2007 and 2006, the Company issued a total.AND SUBSIDIARIES NOTES TO CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS (in thousands, except share and per share amounts).

This publicity was a factor that contributed to the bankruptcy of our predecessor.The Company believes the claims are without merit and intends to defend the litigation vigorously.We conducted our audit in accordance with the standards of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board.In November 2008, the FTC published in the Federal register, a notice seeking public comments on proposed revisions to its Guides concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.The features of our weight loss program address many of the most common limitations of traditional weight loss programs, including.Gains and losses from foreign currency transactions are recognized as other expense.Our business could be adversely affected if someone with significant resources decided to imitate our.Also, new foods are presented to us by food manufacturers to determine.